Designer / J, Jung Eunkyung, Rewindplay, Jinsuk, Park DD  

Designer / J, Jung Eunkyung, Rewindplay, Jinsuk, Park DD


Design with story
We put heart-warming story into our design. INDIGO is the sixth color among a rainbow that has seven colors. It is not detected. on the other hand, support a rainbow in the lowest place, The color has red and blue is unchanged for any stimulus. INDIGO makes warm and comfortable goods for you just like your old friends. We hope to be our goods on your side when you want to take a rest for breath. Design having a story and heart-touching.....
INDIGO is going to be with you in the most comfortable place with unchanged mind.

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INDIGO Photo In Slim Pouch - [ Pen Pencil Case Cosmetics Case Makeup Travel Toiletry Bag Accessory Multi Organizer ]



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Passport cover Three styles [PASSPORT CASE CARD HOLDER BOX London/Paris/World map]
Passport Holder Three styles



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